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Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game designed by Super Cell; a popular mobile game developer and creator of Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is currently available for download free on Android Playstore and Apple App store. Playing Clash Royale is simple and the interface is self-explanatory, nevertheless, the game requires tactics and gaming strategies to play. Clash Royale allow you to connect and play with another player online in real time and around the world, you can also battle with your friends in the challenge mode of the game.

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To play the game, you need to apply the basic battle strategy, which is attacking and defending. You need to launch an attack on your opponent to knock his king and princesses off their tower to win and at the same time, you need to defend you king and princesses from the counterattack from your opponent. You are required to destroy the enemy towers within the set time to win. You will collect crown for each enemy tower you destroy, and for every ten crowns you collect, you will be given the Crown Chest_ which contains a lot of exciting rewards.
The winner of the game is the player that is able to destroy all three enemy towers or destroy the most towers during the battle and within the set time. There are lots of rewards for the battle winner, like trophies, the crown for the number of towers destroyed and a chest which contain a lot of different rewards. The content of the chest depends on the level of Arena and the type of chest.

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Clash Royale Features

Arena: the arena is where the battle takes place in Clash Royale; the Arenas are upgrade automatically and based on the number of trophies player is able to collect. Each level of Arena comes with different character cards to be collected and added to your card collections. Your arena level depends on the number of trophies you have; which means your arena level can be demoted if you lose too much battle, a certain number of trophies is deducted for each battle you lose.

Character Cards: Clash Royale features a lot of character cards, you get to enjoy some of your favorite characters from the clash of clans, like the PEKKA, Dragons, Barbarians, Goblins, spells and some defense. Character cards are used in battle and can be collected in multiplayer battle bonus chest or by purchasing it directly from the game store. You also need to upgrade your characters to improve their performance in the battle and increase your chance of winning.

Chest: there are many chest types in Clash Royale, the contents of each chest varies and depends on the level of Arena and the type of chest. There are Free Chests that spawn every 4 hours, the crown chest that is available every 24hrs and accessible only when you collect ten crowns from multiplayer battle. There are also chests that can be obtained by winning battles, like Silver Chests, Gold Chests, Magical Chests, Giant Chests and Mega Magical Chests which is the rarest. The contents of each chest range from gold, gems to character cards.

Clash Royale is a very fun game, easy to play and can sharpen your thinking. The best way to rank in the game is to win as many battles and upgrade your character and defense for better performance. Knock your enemy king and princesses from their towers and glory in the arena with their crowns.