Tips and tricks for clash Royale 2017

Join the right clan

It is recommended to join the right Clash Royale clan that will support your progress through donations.
Don’t miss your free chest
It is recommended you collect your free chests and open them as soon as possible in order to re-activate the countdown time. Free chests are spawn every 4 hours, try to log in as often as possible to claim your chests.
Spend your gold and gem wisely
Try to be smart about your game resources spending, only upgrade necessary cards and give out cards you don’t need.

Select your best cards

There are various character cards to select in Clash Royale, but you can only take eight character cards with you to battle, try to select the best cards that will work best with your attacking strategy. Taking the wrong collections of cards can be the end of the match, even at the beginning of the battle. Balance your cards between offense cards and defense cards. Some long range attacking cards like Fireball or arrows can also come in handy.
Don’t rush into attack

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Clash Royale is a strategic game, it requires deep thinking and planning to win battle in the game. The first trick to winning; start at the beginning of the battle, try to stay cool and don’t freak out. It is recommended to let your opponent attack first; defense with counterattack is the best move in the Clash Royale.

Don’t freak out

The best weapon and most effective weapon in Clash Royale is Pressure; during battle, you try to pressure your opponent into freaking out and giving up, but this weapon can be used against you too. The best way to win is to cool your offensive approach and stick plan, even when your tower is under attack. During the opening moment of the match, try to stay cool and start your attack out slow and rush into it when you see your opponent start making mistake.

Utilize Your Elixir Intelligently

Always pay close attention to your elixir meter during the match, don’t spend all your elixir once, as your opponent may take advantage of that to shave your base if your attack fails. It is recommended to deploy smaller unit at first and reinforce it with power troops right after to flood the battlefield.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

It’s better to let your towers wipe out the smaller troops attacking them instead of spending Elixir to spawn a card to defeat them, except if necessary. Spend some Elixir to spawn a powerful troop like Giant or PEKKA when you know you’ll have enough to spawn another right after. Try not to spend all your Elixir at once and has little to none to work with against an overwhelming opponent force.

Know your cards

Try to know your cards and how they work, know their strength and weakness. Try to select the card you know will best suit your strategy.

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